Celebrate Maslenitsa with Ural spirit!

Ural Maslenitsa is always something special.  It is a melting pot of cultural traditions and customs of Middle Ural peoples combined with inhabitants’ alacrity and their lust for life no matter what the weather is.  The first Ural theme park “Park Skazov” in Aramil takes Maslenitsa celebrations serious and creates a tale inspired programme based on Russian traditions. One of them – “Maslenitsa–Bazhovitsa” is hosted by tale characters. Guests get prophecies from the Mistress of the Copper Mountain and drink tea with old-time Ural dishes. Maslenitsa in Sysert district is held within “Belaya Loshad” equestrian centre. Guests will take part in an outdoor festival, sledding, skidoo driving, skating and tobogganing. Organisers will provide 250 kg of pancakes made according to traditional Ural recipes and dog-sleigh rides. What do you think of Cossack Maslenitsa? “Aramilskaya Sloboda” Park waits for everyone who is willing to welcome the spring! Get ready to participate in festivities and master-classes and treat yourself with hot off the skillet pancakes.

Maslenitsa in “Park Skazov”
1, Park Skazov St., Aramil , 10:00 – 18:00
+7 (343) 214-32-63

Maslenitsa in “Belaya Loshad” Club
1, Karl Marx St., Kadnikovo
March 10
+7 (343) 287-77-47

Cossack Maslenitsa in “Aramilskaya Sloboda”
82Б, Proletarskaya St., Aramil
March 4-10
+7 (343) 247-24-74

Shirokaya Maslenitsa in Revda
March 4-10
+7 (34397) 34764

“Shirokaya Maslenitsa – Outdoor Festival” in Verkhnyaya Pyshma
March 10
+ 7 (34368) 562-06

Theatrical Interactive Show “Hello, Maslenitsa!” in Kamensk-Uralskiy
March 10
+7 (3439) 32-28-99

“Go, Maslenitsa” in Krasnoufimsk
March 10
+7 (343) 94 7-60-56

Maslenitsa in Verkhoturye
March 4-10
+7 (34389) 2-27-56

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