3rd History and Culture Festival “Muses and Cannons”

Muses and Cannons Festival was first held in 2017 in dedication to the 50th anniversary of the Cannon Monument. Muses and Cannons is a multilayered festival and consists of a several-day programme. It is aimed at strengthening and development of traditions, love and respect for the local history of the region, its eventful past, its historical roots. The festival moto is “Information. Positivity. Creativity”. There will be different entertainment areas and workshops organized near the Cannon Monument. The festival includes a set concert programme and a fire show.

Area near the Cannon Monument and the town dam on the Kamenka River, 2, Karl Marx, Kamensk-Uralskiy, Sverdlovsk Region

101 km from Ekaterinburg by highway R354
Southern Bus Station – routes No. 530, 955 Ekaterinburg–Kamensk-Uralskiy
Northern Bus Station – routes No. 572, 573 Ekaterinburg–Kamensk-Uralskiy
Train No. 087Й, 345Е Ekaterinburg–Kamensk-Uralskiy

Community Culture Centre, skc66.ru

+7 (343) 937-93-93

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