10 reasons to visit Ural







See unique industrial objects

This is the first plant-city in the world, the sable brand markmetal – a XVII – XIX centuries brand in the whole world. Nowadays, this isa major center for metallurgic and innovational production. A trip to the Urals is a trip where you get to learn the history of manufacturing and look at new technologies.
Industrial Routes

You get to learn the names of the true heroes of the time

“You have to walk the talk” – it’s these words that could be seen on the emblem of the Demidovs? the first owners of the Ural plants. Demidovs, Stroganovs, Turchaninovs, Bazhov, Eltsin – these are people who made history, who laid the foundation for culture, art, literature, politics and manufacturing.

To go along the semiprecious stones route

Being rich with various minerals gave impetus to the exploration and development of the Urals. Now the Urals is full of both enterprises processing natural resources and museum mineralogical complexes with a developed system of cultural and educational tours.
Urals of semiprecious stones

You get to see the most prominent events

Each year more than 300 business and educational international events are held in Ekaterinburg among which are: The 2018 FIFA World Cup, INNOPROM, Russian-Chinese EXPO, Tsar Days. The fact that there are business, educational and industrial events shows the manysideness of the Ural region.
The Events calendar 2018

You get to organize a business event

You’re looking at an active world trade participant with the stream of commerce of more than 6.7 billion US dollars. A Top-5 region of russia in the Investment Potential category. A Top-10 in the Cities of the Future list. A developed infrastructure and friendly logistics will ensure comfort for business meetings.
MICE catalog

And then… relax

There are a lot of natural mineral springs which prompted the creation of modern spas nearby and which will allow you to enjoy rejuvenating, restorative and revitalizing procedures.

You can enjoy a 1-on-1 with unique nature

An abundance of natural landscapes offers possibilitries for either passive or active amusement in nature. Calm mountain lakes and swift rivers, fairy tale-like woods and nature parks. Descend a mountain slope in winter and overcome rapids or simply enjoy the landscape far away the city’s noise.
Ski resorts
Natural parks

Have a quality time with your family

Guests of the city can choose their own routes to learn about traditional folk crafts, visit spiritual and historic centers and immerse into the atmosphere of P. Bazhov’s fairy tales. A variety of events, whether it’s business, culture, education or adventure and an abundance of resources allow to make your own route to the likes of the whole family.
Routes for independent trips

Or to get more active… with your friends

Cycling and rafting, climbing to one of the most prominent pinnacles of the Urals and snowmobile rides. Every tour is full of unforgettable experiences to present.
Productive leisure tours

Taste the Ural cuisine

A richly decorated restaurant offering gourmet meals or a cozy coffeehouse with round tables and a charming aroma of coffee, a dinner with its relaxed atmosphere, or a cocktail bar with a mindboggling menu, a dish made by the best chefs, comparable to a work of art, or family-style oven-made food infused with the warmth of countryside – guests of the Sverdlovsk region face a wide range of choices.
Gastronomic route